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This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. For example, a host machine that converts host names to IP addresses using DNS may be called and a host machine that is a web server may be called When we need to find the host name from an IP address we send a request to the host using its IP address. By chaining proxies which do not reveal data about the original requester, it is possible to obfuscate activities from the eyes of the user’s destination. Proxies are controlled by some random unknown people: if you use a proxy, keep in mind that the proxy owner can log everything you are doing, hijack website sessions, catch credit card numbers, etc.

If you prefer white hat, make some good high quality content, preferably based on the sorts of subjects that do well on your target site. Proxy Harvester comes preloaded with a number of proxy sources which publish daily proxy lists, and you are free to add your own sites. For instance, proxies are often used by people to access sites which have been censored by their companies, organizations or governments.

Fully configurable to check proxies for the country, state, speed, type, and check against specific websites like Craigslist, Google, etc. Proxy 4 Free is a free proxy server list and proxy checker providing you with the best free proxy servers for over 10 years. Even worse, some proxies will allow you to connect in reverse; to machines on a company’s internal network.

For example, say a Nigerian fraudster tries to purchase goods online with a stolen credit card for which the billing address is associated with New York. Then when you run the Proxy Harvester, it will visit each website and extract all the proxies from the pages and automatically remove the duplicate proxies that may be published on multiple web sites. There are a few free sites that help you determine whether or not a given IP is hiding behind a proxy.


Generally, any good service provider will activate it instantly so that you do not have to wait for ages after you make payment. So, for your handling multiple accounts safely and to remain discreet, it will be a very good idea to use the proxy setting feature in Buzzbundle. This example URL will export a list of 100 proxies from Germany and France (notice the comma separated country codes de,fr as URL parameters). Application proxies do not have to be set up before installation to start working.